Sensory Brings Generative AI VoiceChat to Consumer Devices
Sensory has integrated generative AI into its technology stack, enabling ChatGPT or other LLMs to drive VoiceChat on consumer devices
May 3, 2023

Conversational voice responses have become a popular and important feature in modern consumer electronics. Voice assistants, smartwatches, smartphones, and automotive infotainment systems all depend on voice recognition technology to understand and respond to users’ spoken requests. To further enhance the conversational experience, Sensory, a leader in voice AI for consumer products, has integrated generative AI into its technology stack, enabling ChatGPT or other Large Language Models to drive conversational voice responses, also known as VoiceChat, on consumer devices.

Sensory’s new technology integration has the potential to create a new generation of voice assistants tailored to a variety of customized domains, according to ToddMozer, CEO of Sensory. The company’s hybrid edge + cloud AI models allow customers to choose which AI technologies to implement and to split AI inference duties between edge devices and the cloud.

Sensory’s technology stack includes wake word recognition, accurate speech-to-text with context and AI-generated prompt engineering to ensure ideal generative AI results, intelligent response selection, and text-to-speech. Additionally, Sensory’s conversational AI stack allows users to ask follow-up questions and commands, making the conversation more natural and human-like. The technology stack also includes proprietary techniques to compress dialog data to reduce cloud fees and decrease latencies.

Using a smartwatch as an example of an ultra-low-power device, light-duty AI like wake word recognition, speaker verification, simple voice controls, and sound identification can run on-device. More complex AI inference, such as wake word, speaker, and sound ID revalidation, as well as domain-specific assistants and natural language understanding engines, can be routed to a more powerful connected device like a smartphone. High-horsepower AI inference, such as generative AI and VoiceChat, improved revalidation, face and object recognition, and more can be routed to the cloud.

With Sensory’s technology, consumers can enjoy a fast and seamless conversational experience on their devices, unlocking exciting VoiceChat capabilities for numerous electronics companies and their customers.

Sensory’s breakthrough technology integration expands its capabilities to bring VoiceChat capabilities to devices of all types, giving businesses the opportunity to create more engaging and interactive products. Contact us to learn more about how to put our technologies to work for you.

Check out just how easy it is to create a Generative AI/LLM-based VoiceChat assistant using SensoryCloud by watching the demo video below.

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