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SensoryCloud’s AI speech services help make products smarter. To understand our voice commands and requests, smartphones, smart watches, and wireless headsets all require a fast and reliable speech-to-text (STT) engine. When paired with natural sounding text to speech (TTS), these devices can provide a fast and friendly hands-free user experience.

In addition to understanding our voices, many smart devices can recognize their owner’s unique face or voice. SensoryCloud’s biometric services provide facial recognition, speaker identification and even a fusion of face plus voice for the ultimate in accuracy and convenience.


Many SensoryCloud services are designed to improve the user experience – the Metaverse user interface is no exception. No one knows for sure how the Metaverse will evolve, but most agree that AI technologies such as speech to text and text to speech will be fundamental to interacting and communicating within it.

In addition to supporting speech communication, biometric technologies like face recognition and voice identification will help ensure that contact is accurate and secure.


Smart speakers, smart TVs, smart thermostats, smart appliances, and more – the internet of things blankets our homes. Many devices support natural language voice control today, but to function they often rely on a local smart speaker as a conduit to a partner’s voice services server.

Consumer-savvy brands are now taking the lead on owning the voice user experience instead of relying on partners that frequently turn into competitors. SensoryCloud puts brands in control of their customer voice interactions with industry-leading accuracy, speed, and privacy.

Many smart home devices can also listen for specific sounds, like fire alarms, breaking glass and more, and can notify appropriate contacts when detected. SensoryCloud supports sound identification for security, convenience, and health.


AI is now firmly centered within the automotive revolution. SensoryCloud speech technologies are ideal for automotive applications as they can support multiple voice assistants working in harmony, as well as a vehicle’s on-board, branded voice control system with branded wake word and custom voice.

With SensoryCloud biometrics, cars that automatically recognize different drivers by face or voice will soon be the norm. They’ll be able to monitor a driver’s condition and alertness and react to help them drive safer and focus their attention on the road.

SoundID also plays an important role as it allows vehicles to recognize sounds like emergency vehicle sirens and horns.

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Banking & Finance

Banking has led the charge with custom voice assistants, and the trend will continue with SensoryCloud speech service.

In addition to creating custom voice assistants, biometric speech technology helps identify clients over the phone. These same technologies can also be implemented to spot potential fraudsters.

Of course, facial recognition remains a valuable tool for banking apps, ATMs, payments and more. However, its efficacy and accuracy are enhanced dramatically when paired with a SensoryCloud biometric solution that leverages a fusion of face and voice biometrics.

Customer Experience

Custom voice assistants from SensoryCloud can handle most incoming calls at a call center, but sometimes a live agent is preferred by the customer or required for level two support.

Even when live agents are engaged, speech recognition processing, such as speech to text, is a powerful tool for documenting conversations. The text transcripts can be analyzed for trends in specific complaints and successful resolution techniques, which leads to an overall reduction in call time.

Text logs are also valuable tools for training new hires or improving the performance of existing staff.

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