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Cloud Services

Speech-To-Text​ | Wake Word Detection​ | Face Biometrics​ | Voice Biometrics​ | Sound Identification​

$150 in Credits

Customers get $150 in free credits to explore SensoryCloud. No charges until credits are exhausted

8+ SDK Languages Available

Android | C++ | C#​ | Go | iOS | Java Server | Javascript Web | Python

SensoryCloud Services


17 Languages – Realtime Streaming – Captioning

wake word Detection

Detect at the Edge, Revalidate in the Cloud

face & voice BIOMETRICS

Face and Voice Liveness and Authentication

sound identification

Siren – Cough – Glass Break – Baby Cry – More

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$150 in free credits and flexible deployment*

Service pricing after $150 credit is exhausted:

Technology Price
Speech-to-Text $0.019 per minute
Voice Authentication $0.010 per minute
Voice Liveness $0.010 per minute
Wake Word Detection $0.006 per minute
Sound Identification $0.006 per minute
Face Authentication $0.005 per image
Face Liveness $0.010 per image

Note: SensoryCloud uniquely rounds usage to the millisecond

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