The Next Wave of Generative AI Hears You

Bring your service beyond keyboards and screens to new consumer platforms

Sensory’s voice, vision and speech technologies are being applied to new use cases to develop the next generation of AI solutions that free users from the constraints of keyboards and screens. 

Sensory is seeking marketing partnerships with companies that are expanding their AI offerings beyond keyboards and screens to further improve user interface, adoption, usage and satisfaction.

About Our 2023 Marketing Partnership Program

Sensory is seeking partners developing use cases such as:

    • Combining Generative AI with voice biometrics for user verification.
    • Using voice and wake words to activate and ask AI platforms and chatbots questions from wearables and other devices.
    • Training models on voice AND text to make AI assistants smarter and more capable.
    • Enabling specialized AI assistants to be incorporated into apps, earbuds, smart speakers, and other products with voice.

Expected business value for partners: 

    • Win net new business from target customers. 
    • Quickly build a voice-enabled demo of your generative AI solution. 
    • Differentiate vs your competition. 
    • Expand your sales pipeline with effective joint marketing activities. 
    • In Q2 Sensory will sign 2-3 kick-off partners to strongly support ongoing.

Ideal partners are:

    • Developing or deploying Large Language Models.
    • Evolving generative AI to improve user interface, adoption, usage 
    • and satisfaction.
    • Considering voice as an additional UI option.
    • Expanding to new surfaces beyond keyboards and screens.

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