Cloud Voice & Vision AI Platform

Full Control & Customization in the cloud

AI as a service with voice, sound and vision technologies in the cloud.

SensoryCloud is the first cloud AI platform that puts you in full control. Full control of your deployment; public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise. Full control of your data; usage, access, and storage. Full control of the enduser experience with custom voice and vision inference models built to meet your specific needs. No longer are you constrained by the rules and limitations of the typical walled garden cloud platforms. SensoryCloud – flexible, fast, accurate, private, hybrid and fully customizable.

Built by Developers

Built for AI Workloads

Architected by some of the brightest and freshest minds in the cloud industry, SensoryCloud delivers a language-agnostic, platform-agnostic AI inference engine wrapped in a highly developed API. In addition to industry standard tools and applications, SensoryCloud utilizes cutting edge technologies such as Go, gRPC, and NVIDIA Triton. 

The SensoryCloud team casts aside legacy solutions to address the typical cloud pain-points of increased latency, reduced quality and limited availability. The end result is a cloud AI platform offering high speed, high accuracy, high availability and unmatched privacy. 


SensoryCloud Services


17 Languages – Realtime Streaming – Captioning

wake word Detection

Detect at the Edge, Revalidate in the Cloud

face & voice BIOMETRICS

Face and Voice Liveness and Authentication

sound identification

Siren – Cough – Glass Break – Baby Cry – More

From Edge to cloud

SensoryCloud is uniquely positioned to support the complete solution for combining edge AI and cloud AI. Our inference engines and AI models scale from embedded DSP to on-device application processor CPU to cloud GPU.

Features such as second stage verification or continuous coverage  regardless of network status are more easily implemented with our custom models that support voice, vision or sound feature extraction and inference at each point of the system.  

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